FAA Approves Lycoming’s Electronic Ignition System on Robinson Helicopters

R22 and R44 helicopters purchased after January 15th 2020 will be outfitted with Lycoming’s recently certified Electronic Ignition System (EIS). The EIS offers increased reliability, improved starting characteristics, and reduced maintenance.

The EIS installation replaces the left starting magneto. The remaining right magneto provides redundant ignition and eliminates the need for a backup power supply. EIS has very high spark-energy for easy engine starts and eliminates internal moving parts for increased reliability.

EIS is designed to last the life of the engine with no scheduled maintenance between overhauls, eliminating the required 500-hour inspection. Robinson’s Technical Support Supervisor, Pat Cox, noted, “The EIS will make the technician’s job easier and will help reduce unscheduled maintenance.”

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters.

Source : Robinson Helicopters

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